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Modular wardrobes from Fortuna are practical and durable. Our wardrobes are built to specification. They fit flush with your walls resulting in an elegant finish. Fortuna modular wardrobe carcasses are built using high quality materials using top of the line machinery. Our modular wardrobes come fitted with hardware from Hettich and Blum. Interested in a Fortuna Modular Wardrobe? Click here

Modular wardrobe shutters are now available in multiple finishes. Ranging from classic veneer to the latest stone finish, we have them all. Walk into our showroom today to get a full preview of the whole range of finishes we have.
Below are a few of the projects we have executed recently.

  • fortuna-wardrobe-18
  • fortuna-wardrobe-17
  • fortuna-wardrobe-16
  • fortuna-wardrobe-15
  • fortuna-wardrobe-14
  • fortuna-wardrobe-13
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